Connect with Yourself

Take note of your thoughts and emotions to be more mindful of every day and design your life the way you want it.

Your Memoir

Every day matters and has something in it that is shaping us and writing pages of our life. As we turn to the next page, we don’t get another chance to write that page again.

add thoughts

Capture thoughts

In just a few lines capture what you are thinking. Create a log of your day, compartmentalize thoughts and stay more mindful about how your thoughts are making you feel.

Track emotions

It is really important to address how you feel as ignoring emotions can add up to your daily stress. Log your emotion and keep a check on them every single day.

Emotion tracker
Do - Actions to take in life


Thoughts are the construct of your mind and life is made up of actions that you take on those thoughts. Create a timeline of actions that make your life meaningful.


Sometimes a thought isn’t enough to remember things. Expand your thoughts to preserve memories in detail and gain clarity on your thoughts.

Remember moments of your life
Encrypted data

Security first

All the thoughts you save in DoRemember are encrypted and only gets decrypted on your device. We are constantly making improvements to our data structure and the app to provide you high-quality security and control over your data.

We are closing in on our public release after a successful focus group testing for more than a year. During this phase, we focused on optimizing our core features and how DoRemember app can help people build the habit of mindfulness more effectively to take actions in their lives.

DoRemember app

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