End your day
Don’t end your day defeated

There are always those days where we struggle to stay on top of things. Days in which we struggle with self-worth and not being able to get things done. But still, the day is not yet over.



Actions to take

  • End your day by doing something meaningful
  • Review your day
  • Be nice to yourself


Expanded perspective

Every once in a while we find ourselves in a situation where we just want the day to pass by. There is nothing good to remember about the day. You can end your day defeated, a day where things were not in your control, things didn’t go according to the plan and you are not feeling too good.

Is there nothing you want to remember about today? The day is still not over, and there can be something that you want to remember the day for.

Everyone has bad days

Every one of us has bad days as every day is not sunshine. Feeling bad about a bad day is not doing any good to you for tomorrow.

We carry this emotion of being defeated to the next day and if we don’t take strong actions against it, it keeps growing the longer we keep it. Well, you can just hope for a good next day, but that is still not in your control. How about controlling the end of the day.

Review the day

Take a pause and stop worrying about how the day went and try to look back at the day and look for some positive moments. If you are not able to find any positive moment in the day, try again and keep trying until you find that small moment which made you happy.

Pick something meaningful to end the day

Once you have found the happy moments, think of one more thing that you would like to do to end this day positively and with the feeling of accomplishment. It can be as simple as calling someone you love and talking with them for a few minutes or working on your dream project for 30 mins.


Make sure that the task is meaningful and actionable that can help you feel better. If the way you deal with a bad day is bay watching your favorite series before sleep, feel free to do that but after a meaningful task. This will help you wake up feeling better about yourself and well prepared for the next day.

Feel good about yourself

These are the days where you need to understand the situation and be with yourself.

One or two bad day doesn’t define you, they are just a few paragraphs in the story of your life.

You don’t want these paragraphs to be long or too many. You can’t let these paragraphs be the dominant part of your story, you need to cut them short. Don’t judge yourself for who and how you were today, there are so many chapters and pages to pick from, judge yourself for the plot of your story.

These bad days are not there to test us or make us feel bad, but they are there to keep us humble. If every day was perfect and full of happiness, we would not even realize what being happy is. We are not perfect and we can afford to have these bad days as they shape us and teach us how to deal with things in life.


You don’t have to chase a perfect day every single day. Sometimes letting things happen is the best way to go about a day. It is just another day, don’t feel bad about it and use the last few minutes to do something meaningful.

Create meaning in your life or in someone else’s life and remember the day for the meaningful end, not for the bad start.

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