Act on your dreams
Find meaning in your life by following your dreams.

Dare to dream and then dare to follow your dreams. Because your dreams are going to take you further along in life.

Dare to dream and then dare to follow your dreams. Because your dreams are going to take you further along in life.

Paritosh Pundir


Founder of DoRemember... πŸš€ Helping people solve problems through πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’» CODE, 🎨 DESIGN & πŸ–‹ WORDS


Actions to take

  • Identify those dreams that give you a sense of purpose.
  • Ensure your dreams, life goals, and purpose align with each other.
  • Do one thing daily that will take you a step closer to fulfilling your dream


Expanded perspective

The human brain is constantly at work. At all active and conscious moments, it is hard at work, thinking, reasoning, analyzing, processing. And in the moments of unconsciousness, or subconsciousness, the brain dreams. All your repressed thoughts, desires, experiences and memories are put into action in your dreams.

Dreams are a reflection of you

As you dream while asleep, or daydream while awake – it mainly reflects and projects your desires. It helps you look towards what you truly want or things you wish you had. Your aspirations, desires, wishes are all included in your dreams. So when you dream, consciously or unconsciously, you are putting those wheels into motion. You’re figuring out the best way to achieve your goals, turn your wishes into reality and ultimately making your dream come true.

When you dare to dream, you are challenging yourself, your environment, your situation. People usually don’t dream about the things they have. Dreams are usually always about a step beyond, something that is just out of reach. You reach your hand a little further to grasp what you dream about. So when you dare to dream you dare to push your limits, challenge your body, mind and soul to reach out a little further, and then furthermore. You dream about achieving something that you don’t currently have, but you know you just need to put in a little effort to gain it.

Commit to transform yourself

Just dreaming, though, is not enough. A dream not acted upon remains just a dream, or a wish, or a fantasy. So when you dare to follow your dream, you commit to transforming yourself and your situation. If your dream involves others around you, you can also bring a positive impact in their lives and bring about a transformation – a revolution. It is not enough to have a dream and stay silent about it. Express your dream, look for resources that will help you bring your dream to a reality. It is in the journey of following your dream that will bring a renewal in you, a change for the better. As you work hard and push the boundaries, you will see the transformation, you will face your true potential and will learn of all your capabilities.

Dream to bring about a change, dream to be different, dream to help others, dream to be happy, dream to bring joy to others, dream to love, dream to be kind, dream to change the world and make it better.

True, not all dreams are worth pursuing, but pursue those dreams that align with who you are. Chase after those dreams that bring meaning to your life, show you your purpose that you need to fulfill. Follow your dreams and bring them to reality as you move ahead in life.