Negative thoughts
Negative thoughts are stealing you, how to gain back control?

It is so difficult to come out of loops of negative thoughts. But the small conscious efforts to capture positive thoughts every single day can help gain control of our positive reality.

It is so difficult to come out of loops of negative thoughts. But the small conscious efforts to capture positive thoughts every single day can help gain control of our positive reality.

Paritosh Pundir



Actions to take

  • Write at least one positive thought every day.
  • Write one thing you are grateful for today.
  • Call your closest friend and talk to them.


Expanded perspective

We all go through this loop of negative thoughts and emotions. Sometimes they last for just a few minutes and sometimes they become a major phase of your life. No matter what is bothering you or keeping you in this loop of negative thoughts, it is very difficult to exit out of it. You start distracting yourself by thinking about other things, but moments later you find yourself back in that same stream of thoughts.

These negative stream of thoughts fill most of your days and keeps you away from noticing small moments of happiness. Even the moments you used to cherish feels irritating at times.

These stories seem real

Your brain starts creating stories based upon these negative thoughts and you start believing in them. You are disappointed by the stories of your past which had much anticipation for the future. Now when you are living that future the stories are not overlapping. You used to tell stories of your future which gave you hopes and dreams. Those are all gone and nothing seems to be working out as you thought it will.

Don’t worry if you have lost those dreams and aspirations, you still don’t know what is to come. The future you planned was not real. The present you have is real and you have another chance to start building a better future.

You can still move without a goal

If you don’t have a goal don’t worry, keep noticing every day as it goes by. Those moments and feelings will show you your path. You don’t have to start with a plan. It is your life, so even if it takes longer to figure things out, it doesn’t mean there is something wrong. You don’t have to surrender yourself to life. In fact, life is you, your fight is not with life, but with yourself.

Stop thinking that life is not fair to you, or it is tough for you. You are in control of your choices and you are driving your life forward. You don’t need support from anyone to keep moving forward, you are already moving, writing your story every day. It just doesn’t make sense because this chapter is connected to the next chapter. You can only try to make sense, but the story will only reveal after you have flipped through these pages. You don’t have to flip back to check if you missed something, just keep flipping those pages forward until it makes sense. The story never makes sense in the first chapter, if it does the rest of the book is worthless.

Practice positive thoughts

Try to capture positive moments every single day, just start noticing those small moments which bring a smile to your face. Every day you have so many reasons to smile and to be grateful. If you find it difficult to capture positive moments in your day, try to create them. It is easier for negativity to build this chain in your mind and put you in a loop of negative thoughts. To dominate negativity you need to consciously create a chain of positive thoughts. Like these negative thoughts which make sense together, your chain of positive thoughts should make sense when linked together.

Pick a direction where you want your positivity to point to, center it on yourself. Now create this chain of positive thoughts with a single point of focus. This direction could be as simple as smiling more every single day or being more grateful for the things you have. It is not difficult, the moments, people and things are already there, you just need to notice their positivity.

We build our reality in our heads

Negative thoughts affect the way you perceive your reality. Even the person who is nicest to you seems to be doubting you. Is s/he doubting you or are you doubting yourself and perceiving it the other way? The negative thoughts start making you believe in a false reality where you are not very strong. You start doubting yourself and your abilities to reach your goals. The more you focus on these negative thoughts the more real these doubts become.

The more you hold these thoughts together and let them dominate you, the more you will perceive other’s lack of confidence in you. If you are not confident about your abilities why would others be? You need to win your trust, that you can be positive to overcome these negative thoughts. Like air is everywhere, but you still have to do a little effort to breathe it for your survival. Similarly, positivity is everywhere but you will have to put in the effort to capture it.


Don’t try to stop these negative thoughts, just notice them and question if there is anything positive it is trying to tell you. Every thought wants to tell you something, something about how you see the World and how you want to see the same World.

The World is no different, it is just the way you see it. How do you want to see it?

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