Passion and persistence - Girl climbing on a mountain
Passion and Persistence is the fuel for a successful life

Strive on towards what fuels your passion. Your passion and persistence make you who you are.

Strive on towards what fuels your passion. Your passion and persistence make you who you are.

Paritosh Pundir


Founder of DoRemember... 🚀 Helping people solve problems through 👨🏻‍💻 CODE, 🎨 DESIGN & 🖋 WORDS


Actions to take

  • Identify and list out what you are most passionate about
  • Set milestones to reach at least one of the above goals and work on it continuously
  • Spend at least half an hour everyday working on that goal.


Expanded perspective

You might have all kinds of goals in your life, some tangible, others intangible. Some goals are proclaimed out loud for everyone to know, while some goals are kept within, secretly being worked on day in and day out. But how often is your goal in direct correlation with what you are passionate about? When you are passionate about something you put in all your efforts to see it succeed and get it accomplished. Your passion and persistence build your internal motivation that allows you to push beyond your limits, overcome the hurdles along the way and keeps your spirits lifted up throughout the journey of your goal.

When you are passionate about something, you do things that bring you joy deep within, help you feel content with life, and bring out the best qualities in you. You serve yourself and the world around you better because you identify yourself with clarity when you move on to doing what fuels your passion. It gives you a sense of enlightenment, energizes you and fulfills you. You know yourself the best and what drives you. When you work towards your passion with persistence you are able to reach those goals you set for yourself with much more ease. This provides you with further avenues to explore and conquer. And with each milestone that you complete you are shaping yourself, making you the person you want to be, chiseling away the negatives and moulding you to be better each day.