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Thoughts are shaping your reality, how to be mindful

Thoughts are your building blocks to higher cognitive functions. A simplest of thought could lead to great things.



Actions to take

  • Be mindful of the theme of your thoughts.
  • Write down important thoughts.
  • Visualize how a thought can affect your life in the near future.


Expanded perspective

Everything starts with a thought and thoughts have so much power in terms of how we lead our lives. A single thought can make us feel stronger and that same thought can make us feel miserable. It all depends on a positive or negative emotion attached to it. We have so many thoughts throughout the day and even the thoughts that get registered in our consciousness are a filtered version of an even more longer list.

Our thoughts about the things around us shape the way we look at the world. If those thoughts are about someone, it defines how we treat or judge them. Those thoughts might not always be right, as there is no right or wrong in what we think and we are the only ones making that call. When we are in a stream of thought, it is very difficult to think of another perspective.

Our reality is shaped by these thoughts, just a small change in perspective can change the world around us. When we are kids are perspectives are moldable but as we grow older we form a rigid belief system and that defines who you are to yourself. Even when we think that someone might be thinking a certain way about us, we subconsciously start acting that way when we are around that person and we become who we think we are. Our thoughts have so much power and we are anyways thinking, so let’s think positive.

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