waiting for a good day
Have a good day with a positive mindset

Is waiting for the day to pass by the right option to live a day? How can we intentionally start our day on a good note and have a good day?

Is waiting for the day to pass by the right option to live a day? How can we intentionally start our day on a good note and have a good day?

Paritosh Pundir


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Actions to take

  • Practice affirmation in the morning
  • Set a small goal for the day
  • Force your mind to focus on the present


Expanded perspective

Every day the mind is telling us stories, that there is something wrong and it is not going to be a good day. We can’t let our brains ruin a wonderful day for us. The day has not yet happened, we are just stepping into the day, so why not start it well.

Waiting for the day to pass

There are a series of days when you feel like you have lost track in life and nothing seems to be working and you just wait for each day to pass by. That seems to be the best way to live through the day, but you need to add some clarity and focus in each day.

The reality your mind is showing you is misleading and you need to discover and feel yourself present in the day. You are somewhere and you are thinking about something else, not being mindful of the surroundings and situations you are in.

Stories of our mind

When we are in the low and sad mental state our brain starts building situations that are negative. It is a natural behavior, as our brain wants to protect and get us ready for situations that might occur. We are vulnerable and building these stories is one of the ways our mind keeps us active towards looking for threats.

Things are maybe not that negative or maybe not at all negative. It is your mind telling you those false stories that are making you doubt yourself. Click To Tweet

Recently one of my friends called me saying he feels suffocated in the office environment. I asked him to just change his perspective and enter the office with a thought, that working in that place is like a playground to make mistakes and is getting him ready for his big dream. The call was in the morning, so he got a chance to try it out instantly while he was motivated and ready to start the day. In the evening he messaged saying that it was a great day.

It is our mindset

One of the important things is to realize that you are in a negative space. Self-doubt and self-loathing is common and each one of us goes through it at some point in our life.

The problem is not that you are doubting yourself or your actions, but it is your mindset. The first step towards gaining self-confidence and control over your life is to make some tweaks to your mindset. You need to gain some clarity about your goals and aspiration and make updates to your mindset based on that.

Even difficult things are beautiful

Gain some clarity by writing down the things that are bothering you and the things that you want to do but are not doing. This will give you some clarity on what is holding you back and what you need to do to make yourself happy. Take one action point from this and finish it today. This can be a small task or a walk in the park, anything that will make you happy and help you connect with yourself.

It is not necessary to pick up a notebook to write all the things down. You can also do it in your head and pick an action point, but the important thing is to do it.

Intensionally setting a positive mindset

There are thoughts and situations that are very difficult to avoid and our mind just keeps revolving around them. In situations like these you need to notice the present and realize you are missing out on it. You need to intentionally get yourself ready to pay attention to the present moment. If you are in the middle of a conversation try to repeat the speaker’s words in your head until you are able to pull your mind back to the conversation. Keep pulling your mind to take note of the present moment and let go of the thoughts it is trying to hold and revolve around.

There are a few things you can do to set the tone for the day and start your day with a positive mindset. One of the things is practicing affirmation. When you wake up, look in the mirror and say the statements like the following a few times:

  1. Today is going to be better than yesterday
  2. Today I am better and feeling awesome

Although it sound very simple and not wort doing, but just give it a try and you will feel better.

Looking forward

Make sure that you are looking forward to the day. You have already created an action point for the day while gaining clarity, so make sure that you complete it. It will act as a small goal for the day and will also keep you excited about the day. Starting your day with a positive mindset and something to look up to are perfect pieces of a good day.

Be positive! you are awesome. Don’t let the day drive you, drive the day.

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