Looking back at 2020, hopeful for 2021 [poem]

With COVID-19, the way of life was a lot different in 2020. Let’s be hopeful for 2021 as we step into the new year.

Quick thoughts

As I look back at 2020
there are those mixed emotions
there was, loss, there was, change, there was, realization.
the best part, the world came together as one to fight.

It has been a mixed bag
but a bag I couldn’t even travel with
I can’t recall much as there was nothing much that I did
as things were so different because of COVID

As I look forward to 2021
there are flickers of light that make me hopeful
hopeful about tomorrow, that it will be better, brighter and we will be stronger
hoping that time with COVID will not be longer

This time has taught us how we can be so close still being so far.
There are always positives and negatives
but we shape tomorrow with what we want to keep
even if the mountain is too steep
we will climb, climb together as one
until we have won.

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