Is reading Self-help making you less confident?

The articles and books that you read on self-help do seem to be promising while reading, but what happens after that is all that matters.

The articles and books that you read on self-help do seem to be promising while reading, but what happens after that is all that matters.

Paritosh Pundir



Actions to take

  • Find problems you can solve for yourself.
  • Build a mindset of applying what you learn.
  • Keep a balance between how much you consume and create.


Expanded perspective

You can do a lot of reading on the topic of self-help and there will always be more content to consume. You are consuming quality content but somehow it is not helping you get better. You have already read through many articles and books but for the most part, your life still seems to be the same.

What does it mean?

You don’t have to stop consuming content but do remember to be more mindful about applying what you have learned.

Feeling too much guilty about wasting time

As you explore more about how you should be using your time, you are feeling more guilty about wasting time. It is normal to feel that way as you are building that mindset of efficiently utilizing your time, you are being too hard on yourself.


But that was the whole point of seeking improvement, you wanted to be hard on yourself and be more disciplined about your time. This is what self-help material is good at teaching. The experience of the people who have tried and tested things.

Start feeling low on confidence

With all the guilt you start feeling that you might be doing something wrong or you are not able to find the system that will work for you. You keep searching for more and the search never ends.

You are looking for that magic solution that will make you super productive. Unfortunately, this is not how it works.

You are seeking to be the best version of yourself and applying someone’s process will not work for you. We are all unique in our own ways, it is ok to take inspiration but you will have to put in the time to find something that works for you.

What will work for you?

You need to figure out what will work for you. You are absorbing the information but without processing and applying it, there is no use of it. You will be wiser with that information but not the best version of yourself.

Knowledge is abstract without application.

You need to make sure that you are making use of that information to create something meaningful. Find a problem that you want to solve and start solving it. There will be things that you already know and can apply, plus on the way, you will learn more things and you will already have something to apply it to.

You might be thinking where will I find the problem, you already have so many problems you face every single day. The problem can be very simple, as simple as finding new ways of cleaning your desk quickly to building an app to raise awareness about global warming.

It is not about finding a very big problem to solve with the knowledge you have but about applying what you know to keep the curiosity alive.