Hope of a better future
Hope, there is a positive version of us in the future

The power of hope!

Quick thoughts
The power of hope!

Paritosh Pundir


Hope is something that keeps you going forward.

Without hope, everything just seems imperfect and you feel stuck in life.

What is it that makes you hopeful?

Just believing that one day, things are going to be better is more than enough. Yes, things will not be perfect and it is not going to be magical.

You will not wake up one day and everything is right about perfect.

If we can focus on the negative version of our future, then why not believe that there is a happier and a positive version of us in the future?

Life is not going to come easy. There is no day in the future when everything is going to be perfect and the way you want it.

This is the reality of life. You cannot predict what is to come and that is what keeps us going.

If everything happened according to our plans and everything was predictable, life would be too boring. Life is the way it is, we need to adapt to it and respond to what it throws at us.

Do Remember, hope is a powerful emotion and a little bit of hope can take you places.