Writing everyday can reduce stress
Writing everyday can help gain clarity & mindfulness in life

Writing every single day can help you understand the thought patterns and hidden feelings to gain clarity in life. Writing helps you observe yourself, and that helps you keep a check on your goals and grow in life.



Actions to take

  • Write every single day
  • Just write without judgement
  • Takeaway action points from your writings


Expanded perspective

Writing everyday is a good relaxing exercise. You do need to give it some time, but it is worth the effort. It can make you more mindful and aware about your present situation in life.

You can write with a pen and paper or just type it out in your digital device. Here are a few things that start happening when you write every single day.

You start observing yourself

When you start observing, you stop judging, the thinking mind take a back seat and you start to see things for the way they are. Observing makes space for acceptance and you start accepting things for what they are. You don’t miss out on the things which otherwise you will ignore and move on without addressing.

Writing everyday helps you catch patterns in your days that might be blocking your productivity and wellness.

Being able to track and observe these roadblocks will help you stay on track with your goals. You will know when you are slipping off the goals and what are the challenges that you need to rectify.

Reading more can help you write more. Reading gives you more perspective, and maybe you will find something you can apply to your life.

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You are not only observing yourself and making sense of the present moment, but you are also preserving memories. These writings are triggers to flashbacks from the past. You can know your past self and how things have shaped you to this present moment.

Your stress decreases

When you start writing about your thoughts and feelings, you find a medium to express. There are so many unspoken thoughts and ideas that stay stuck in our minds, and letting them out helps reduce the clutter from our head, resulting in less stress.

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You will have a very good understanding of the thoughts in your mind and why they make you feel a certain way.

You can take actions on your thoughts. As you start to better understand the thoughts in your mind and how they make you feel, you can act accordingly. These actions are more effective and thoughtful. They are driven by observations and a purpose.

You can share your thoughts better

Writing everyday not only helps you clear out thoughts in your mind, but it also improves your ability to communicate your thoughts and ideas. Over time you build the skills to communicate your message more effectively.

There are certain thoughts that stop us from writing consistently. Thoughts like “I am not a good writer”, “I can’t write well” and so on. 

You don’t have to judge your work, as this is not about creating a masterpiece.

You don’t need to worry about the quality of what you write, the important part is writing and that is what matters. You should be able to understand what you have written and that is the only criteria needed.

Don’t even worry about the length of the content, the expression should be clear and that is how long it should be. So just pick up a time slot in your day, be it the morning when you wake up or the night right before going to sleep and start writing whatever comes to your mind.

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