Control thoughts in calmness
How to control thoughts when you need to focus?

How to control thinking about other things when you need to focus on something else? You know you need to focus, but a constant stream of thoughts is keeping you distracted and worried.



Actions to take

  • Write thoughts down.
  • Don’t ignore your thoughts.
  • Read something regularly.


Expanded perspective

Try procrastinating on your thoughts. Whenever you find yourself thinking about things that are not helpful and find it difficult to control thoughts, ask yourself a question, “are these thoughts relevant, can I think about them later?” If what you are thinking is important but making you worried, write it down somewhere and come back to it later.

Write it down

Writing it down will help your brain free up space and free you up fro the thought of forgetting it. You should not run away from your thoughts, but understand why they are there.

Write thoughts
Write on a notebook or your favorite digital tool.

Don’t try to avoid your thoughts, rather try to understand them when you are in a much calmer environment.

Replace the habit of thinking

It is also helpful to replace the thinking habit with a distraction or something that takes up your mental space. But it should be something which will not take too much time, like reading an article or playing a casual game like candy crush.

Reading articles can help you gain more perspective on things, and you might even be able to link it with the current worries and find a way out. Reading as a habit can help you relieve stress and tension.

So control thoughts by procrastinating on them, start reading more and be more mindful.

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