Follow your dreams
Isn't it time to follow your dreams?

We know what we want to do, but the vision and the plan are quite blurry. And that blurred thought process leaves a lot of gaps in between which stops us from taking action towards our dream.



Actions to take

  • Make a plan
  • Write your plan down somewhere
  • Keep improving the plan
  • Just start


Expanded perspective

Realizing a dream takes time, but it is a change that can transform your life. We all want to work toward our dreams, but we always feel that the time is not right to work on it. Is it not the right time to follow your dreams?

Have a dream

We all have at least one dream that we want to fulfill in our lifetime. We want to live that dream, but there are a lot of things that are not leaving room for us to work on that dream. The longer you wait, the farther you seem to be getting away from it. But the sense of getting farther from your dream is just a perception. You can follow your dreams no matter what the situation is.

It doesn’t matter if you achieve the dream or not, the process of working towards the dream is what makes the journey fulfilling and memorable.

Time to start

It’s time to take control of your dream and work towards it. Simply start.

Following your dreams doesn’t mean being unresisting or over ambitious about your decisions. Plan well before moving forward.

Although you will not know what exactly you want and what will work. The key is to persist and stay positive about your dreams and be flexible to evolve your plan. No plan is the final perfect plan when you start, a plan is just a live document which evolves with time and needs.

Write your plan down and make it concrete and keep updating it until you find the perfect mix of passion and success.

You are the creator

Make the plan more actionable and move towards it slowly. You are the owner of the dream, it is your dream and until you make it a reality it will not be realized. Dreams are as delicate as bubbles, if you don’t act they will disappear.

Change doesn’t happen quickly so be mindful of the expectations.

Be part of the change

It takes time to follow your dreams and bring them to reality. Just a few days or months of effort is not enough. Working on a dream is a marathon and you will have to give it time and put in effort with persistence.

Change is a slow ongoing process, when we are part of it, we feel it less. When moving through that change, every day seems the same. But have faith, one day you will look back to realize that everything has changed. Click To Tweet

The take away

Believe in yourself and your abilities and don’t wait for something to happen. Start following your dreams. Have a plan in place and start acting on it. If you really want to realize your dream, it is time to follow it. Make sure you are working towards realizing it every single day.

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