Reduce Stress and tension by reading
A habit to relieve stress and tension

Reading can help gain more perspective on things in our life. It helps relieve stress and tension which builds from a monotonous routine.

Reading can help gain more perspective on things in our life. It helps relieve stress and tension which builds from a monotonous routine.

Paritosh Pundir



Actions to take

  • Make reading a daily habit
  • Start reading a book


Expanded perspective

Sometimes we struggle to see things differently and everything going on in our days seem monotonous. We want to get a different perspective on things and want to be more mindful of the situation. Even the people in our circle are similar and we understand how they perceive things, so there is nothing new coming from their side too. With negative thoughts looping around in our head we feel more stress and tension in our daily lives.

Reading more can help you come out of this loop of negative thoughts which is dampening your positive outlook on the world.

Give it a direction

You can have different reading goals. Just define what you want to read. You want to read to stay updated or learn new things or you want to live a story. We live in an era where access to reading material is infinite and you can read anything you like with a few taps. This will give you a direction to read and a purpose why you want to read.

When I started writing this article, I opened Twitter and saw this tweet from Feedly, which is one of my favorite places to read. Feedly helps me keep track of the content from blogs I like reading.

Read more

Reading every day helps your thinking and imagination. By reading and consuming more you will have more stories and experiences to share. Reading gives you a new perspective and outlook towards things. You learn from experiences of other people.

Reading is the best way to gain a wider perspective on things. The words we read have so much power compared to any other medium. The meaning of those words blend in with our situation, we can direct the meaning in a direction we want it to go. Other mediums like, video or audio has someone else’s voice or visuals. The story might relate with us but the characters are different.

Reading allows us to be a part of an experience, and to imagine and recreate it in our mind. These experiences can reduce the level of stress and tension which we feel from our recurring story of every day. Reading takes us on a journey, a journey of exploration and calmness.

Make it a habit

If you are planning to read more, but not sure how to get started, make it a habit. Put aside 30 mins every day to read something, be it a book, newspaper or online articles (reading Facebook statuses and Instagram captions don’t count). Making reading part of a habit will help you read more without it feeling like a chore.

If you are looking to change bad habits and replace them with reading, here is something you can read.

Change bad habits with the 20-second rule

Reading is a lens for looking at the world differently. Relatively we have a small life, there is much we can experience, so reading allows us to experience more of this world.

The take away

Reading regularly can help you gain different perspectives. Reading not only will make you more informed but will also relieve stress and tension. So what are you waiting for? Make reading your daily habit and share what you know with the world.

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