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Change to be your own light, don't let the darkness corrupt you

Don’t let the darkness of the world corrupt you. Be your own light and shine bright!

Don’t let the darkness of the world corrupt you. Be your own light and shine bright!

Paritosh Pundir


Founder of DoRemember... 🚀 Helping people solve problems through 👨🏻‍💻 CODE, 🎨 DESIGN & 🖋 WORDS


Actions to take

  • Introspect and identify your talents that you can share with others.
  • Strive to bring hope in all situations.
  • Be kind to everyone around you.


Expanded perspective

People change with time, an old adage, but proves itself true time and again. Change is inevitable, a must if you wish to move forward in life. But what kind of change will lead you forward along with improving you as a person? Everyone learns that you must change in order to succeed, grow prosperous, or make an impact. Staying stagnant will get you nowhere in the race of life. Perhaps the more important question one should ask during times that demand change is not “Should I change?” but “What changes can I make for the better?” The world will need you to adapt, and you will, although as you adapt, you must ensure that the change you initiate within yourself will make you a better person.

How you change relies more strongly on you and your choices than the influences of the world. True! there are all kinds of evil around you, and you come across numerous decisions making points each day, deciding what to do, choosing a step for your path. At times you might feel it is easier to go with the flow of the world and do things that everyone is doing, even if it is not worthy. Keep yourself from being tempted to walk into the darkness. If everyone around you is lying, strive to stand by the truth. If everyone around you is being rude, go beyond yourself to be kind. If everyone around you is agitated, learn that patience can calm situations. If everyone around you is hating one another, endeavour to love and spread happiness around.

You carry your light within you, and that light is displayed by your thoughts, words and actions. Strive to display that light to banish the darkness around you and shine brighter, lighting up the way for others too!