Jumping of the cliff, from your comfort zone
What is stopping you to jump outside the box

Out of the box is the boundary between “what we know” and “what we haven’t yet explored”.

Out of the box is the boundary between “what we know” and “what we haven’t yet explored”.

Paritosh Pundir


Founder of DoRemember... 🚀 Helping people solve problems through 👨🏻‍💻 CODE, 🎨 DESIGN & 🖋 WORDS


Actions to take

  • Write down what is stopping you to move forward in life.
  • List down the things that you can do this month/year to be happier.


Expanded perspective

We understand the box we are in, it’s our world, our comfort zone. We know enough to deal with its day to day challenges and surprises. For some, this world is better and there are some of us who are trapped, who want to break out of this world. Piece by piece, day by day just crawling towards an unknown. We are crawling because we are afraid of the distance, we don’t want to move too fast with a sense that what if we get lost.

The boundary of this box is like a bandage, if you can remove it quickly you are fine, but if you do it slowly it gets painful. There is a lot to explore outside of this box and ask yourself this question; Why are you afraid to take the step outside? You don’t know what is outside the box, then how can you be afraid of it, maybe its the most beautiful thing that you will experience.

Are you afraid of the unknown or are you afraid of leaving behind what you now know for what you might know out of this box? The answer to this question will help you decide what you really want to do. Don’t forget you have limited time to experience this world and you can always create this box if you don’t like the outside world.