You life events are shaping you, are you mindful?
This is how your life events shape your identity

Our lives are build up of billions of events. While making connections between these events is difficult, but these connections made us who we are.



Actions to take

  • Stop worrying and overthinking about the future.
  • Focus on the things that you can do today.
  • Write down some events that you are grateful for.


Expanded perspective

Life is full of events, you can ignore them but you cannot avoid them. Life is all about these events that we encounter in every moment of our lives. Some of these events touch us to the soul and have a very deeper impact on us, while some are just lovely moments to remember. It’s the connection between these life events that are unique to us and that is what makes us different from everyone in this World. It’s the way we act and take decisions through the course of this stream of events that shape our personality and how we fit in this World.

At times we worry too much about the future events that might happen. But the events that actually happen shape us and not the events that might have happened. In your present, as you are taking actions and experiencing those events, they are your past of tomorrow. Tomorrow you will be shaped by these events that are happening right now and not the event that you thought might happen tomorrow. It is really important to be in the present and not miss out on the events that are shaping you for tomorrow.

Make sure that these events are not fading away in a blur and you are able to capture and experience them to intentionally shape yourself for tomorrow. Every event that happens or happens to us, will be a part of our life, of our journey, some forgotten, some remembered, but they are our identity. Remember when you meet an old friend, it is these events that you experienced with them come into your active memory and drives the conversation forward. You know your friends for these memories you experienced together, these are the connections between the life events that form our reality. Even our brain remember things through these events, events that we experience as we live through them every day.

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