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Is motivation the biggest challenge to get started with work?

The biggest challenge is not work, but how to get started with it. Sometimes we don’t feel like it and the other times it’s just not the right time.



Actions to take

  • Create a list of priorities for the week.
  • Block a time every day and focus on the most important task during that time.


Expanded perspective

Why does work feel like work, why doesn’t it come naturally? Why don’t we feel that passion and drive everyone talks about? It is really not about the drive, the motivation or passion that you have not yet found, it is just about two simple things. First is too much to do and the second is missing clarity on your priorities. While your passion and motivation towards your work can be a trigger, it is not a state that you can achieve and get things done.

When you have too much to do, your brain finds it difficult to decide what is important and most of the times it falls back on the simplest task instead of the most important. By doing this you are getting things done, but not the important ones. You need clarity on what you need to do and when. By having this clarity you are not deciding every time you sit down to work, but you are sitting down to work on something.

If you are still looking to for that secret sauce to find your motivation and passion; sorry you will not find it. We are all unique and no one can tell you what motivates you. You are not able to find that motivation because you are not starting, take a few steps and start getting things done and you will find yourself in a much better mental state. It is this state that will fuel your passion and motivation, and that is the moment when your work will motivate you and you will not need the motivation to work.

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