Feeling negative - you are not alone
Doing something positive when feeling negative

Sometimes all you need is to take a break from dwelling on your problems and realize how blessed your life actually is.

Sometimes all you need is to take a break from dwelling on your problems and realize how blessed your life actually is.

Paritosh Pundir


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Actions to take

  • Write down the list of questions to ask yourself every day.
  • Read positive articles and books.
  • Watch positive videos online and learn something new.
  • Write your thoughts and feeling on a paper and throw it away.


Expanded perspective

We all go through this feeling of negativity and feel locked down in a place which is far away from happiness. Feeling negative keeps increasing the more you try to resist it. It seems nothing is in our control and even the world is conspiring against us. You start noticing small details and your mind starts creating negative stories. The story is telling you that even the most closest friends and family are not supporting, they are far from you in this phase of your life.

Your narrative

These stories can be 1 day or 1 year old, but the narrative is similar. When you are in this negative shell you subconsciously guard this negativity by creating more stories that validate the narrative. You keep connecting the dots from the events which you use to ignore. This results in a much more wider web, which is even more difficult to come out of. You are spending your limited mental energy every day creating this web of situations which are not favorable for you. Creating these stories is a much more exhausting task as they are not part of your observations, but of your imagination. Slowly and slowly this narrative starts becoming your reality.

The key is to think about what you are thinking

In this loop of negative thoughts don’t try too hard to stop thinking. It is difficult to resist negative thoughts from popping in your head, instead think about them. You don’t have to over think about them, you have to think over them. Try to question your thoughts instead of trying to think something else. As you question those thoughts, write your questions down and create a template that you can apply to other negative thoughts. Every day ask those questions to yourself and guide those negative thoughts in a positive direction. Think about the positive aspects of the situation and try to add perspectives from other people.

You are not lonely

Even the high achievers and confident people have their share of worries and negative thoughts. You are not alone in this boat sailing in a sea of negativity. All you need is a conscious effort to look at the brighter side. You can follow the birds or the sun, they will help you follow the right track towards a shore of happiness. Try to surround yourself with positive emotions. Try as hard as you can to focus on the present action and not worry about the results it will produce.