don't wait perfection, keep creating
How perfection is misleading you to be unsuccessful

The world of perfection is just preventing you from sharing with the world, the things that make you special and unique.

The world of perfection is just preventing you from sharing with the world, the things that make you special and unique.

Paritosh Pundir



Actions to take

  • Keep creating to improve your skills.
  • Start with the project you always wanted to do.


Expanded perspective

Often we keep waiting for that right moment to do that important thing which is on our todo list and the wait goes on to attain perfection.

The best time never comes. What is the comparison? What is that image of the perfect? We don’t visualize the end result from the content or context it has, we just live by the standard that it is perfect. This is misleading because we don’t have a way to measure it or quantify it. This feeling keeps us in the search for nothing even when we have the near perfect version ready with us. We are afraid that this version could have been better, but this is true for everything. Every single thing that we do could have been done better, but it doesn’t mean that we should keep waiting for that right time, which is just in our head. It is more like a kid creating an imaginative world for doing things — we just take it the other way, we create a world for not doing things.

If you have time right now, just stop reading this article and start creating — but wait, you have come this far in the article, might as well finish it. Ok coming back to the point, so as we create this imaginative world of perfect, we miss the details and that is why it is dangerous, we are just visualizing the end result which is very subjective and unmeasurable.

You have reasons. They are excuses ?

We start creating excuses to live up to those false expectations for that world, we start waiting for the right day, right mood, right flow, right x, right y… right n and the list continues.

Stop! Nothing right will happen — if you have to do it you will not know how good it is until you do it. This might sound a little cliche, but this is how simple it is, just start creating. The perfect happens from iterations, not waiting for the right mental or awesome state where everything flows out perfectly in your actions and a masterpiece is created. If you are hoping that will happen, sorry, I am extremely sorry, that is never going to happen.

Nothing starts perfect and will never be perfect

There are so many products and services that you use today, they were near perfect for every time a new version was released, but now if you look back those versions seem almost useless. Things evolve with time and so does the standard of the perfect and you can only catch up if you keep interacting and evolving with time.

Just make sure that while waiting for that right moment you are not letting the moment pass by because you are not considering the time you have now as the candidate to create that masterpiece you want to create.

When you look at examples to learn, you might get this feeling that everything that is done was clear and perfectly planned from the start, every step was smooth, but this is not how it is. One little fact that will always stay true is, everything starts from something, but that something doesn’t have to be perfect.

This world of perfection is just preventing you from sharing with the world, the things that make you special and unique. Maybe your ideas or your creations are the next big thing, but you will never know until you put it out there for the world to see.

Just get started and keep working towards that perfect — Perfection is a work in progress, if you stop, you get away from it.