Set micro goals every day to achieve big goals
Your brain is subconsciously setting goals for you

Goals are more powerful when you consciously set them, even if you don’t set goals consciously your brain is tuned to setting them up for you.



Actions to take

  • Set at least 1 goal for the day.
  • Add a deadline to everything you do.


Expanded perspective

Even if you don’t have a list of goals, you are constantly setting goals for yourself. The goal when you tell yourself to stop watching your favourite TV series after one more episode or to brush your teeth for one more minute. They are your micro goals, which are a part of your every day even without you consciously setting them.

Your subconscious mind manages about 90 percent of everything you do. Most of what you say or do every day is a function of your subconscious. You have habits that are part of your every day and you have these small micro goals that are results of those habits. For example, when you are in the gym, you know when to stop, there is always a goal, it may be the number of exercises or a time limit. Your main goal could be losing weight or building muscles. You are not going to reach this goal in a single day, so you have a micro goal set which could be the number of minutes that you need to spend in the gym.

If you try to break down a goal into its core elements you have the following:

    1. Action plan
    2. Accomplishment
    3. Deadline

The gym example of a specific day has all of three elements.

    1. Action plan – Need to work out
    2. Accomplishment – By the end of the session you would have completed 6 exercises
    3. Deadline – 45 mins

Your main goal for the day could be legs workout and these elements help you achieve it.

It is easier to do things when you have them in the form of goals. It adds clarity, you know what to accomplish and by when. You do a lot of things in your day which follows this format of a goal, you just need to set them consciously. Goals help you to be more aware of what you have learned and how you can improve when you will be doing a similar task in the future. 

You can be grateful for your accomplishments and make your everyday tasks more fun if you try to focus on them as a micro goal. Every day you will feel you have accomplished something and you will easily be able to progress on your long-term goals.

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