Road to Success
Road to success will always be under construction

The road to success will always be under construction. It’s up to you to get up and build it.

The road to success will always be under construction. It’s up to you to get up and build it.

Paritosh Pundir



Actions to take

  • Write down what success means to you.
  • Visualize yourself as successful and take notes of it.
  • Find your why, the reason that pushes you.


Expanded perspective

Success is all about the process. If you are not able to build that process, success will always be moving away. Success is an abstract concept, with no clear definition. You have to build your own ground rules about what success means to you. When you are on this road to success it is very difficult to experience the difference. You might have this blurry vision of success in your head. But you keep chasing it believing that you will know when you are succeeding.

It is very difficult to tell when you are on this road to success because you are walking on it every day. The changes are so subtle that you will not even realize it. When you listen to successful stories you focus too much on the parts about success. You know the struggles, but you also know how those struggles shaped the road to success and can easily see the results of the efforts that were put in. The situation is a little different when you are still in this struggle, and don’t know what the future holds or if you are even on the right track. You are still building your story of success, don’t make it so rigid that you start missing out on opportunities without even realizing it.

It is easier to feel that things are not working out and give up, but if this is something you really want to do, keep showing up, keep building. If you are trying to copy someone and are not passionate about what you are doing, it will be difficult to go through this struggle. Having a clear why, why are you doing this? is going to help you through this and once you are through, success will be right there with you. The taste of success is going to be much sweeter when you have put in the effort and moved forward even on the days when you didn’t feel like waking up.