stop worrying
Why worry? Most of the things don't happen

Our minds are flooded with thoughts and it keeps building scenarios and stories. These thoughts seem so real and soon we start worrying about it.

Our minds are flooded with thoughts and it keeps building scenarios and stories. These thoughts seem so real and soon we start worrying about it.

Paritosh Pundir


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Actions to take

  1. Talk to someone
  2. Start writing your feelings


Expanded perspective

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”

― Jon Kabat-Zinn

This thought fits well in the context of the thoughts in our mind. Our thoughts are like waves, sometimes they are so strong that they push us to the shore. We need to learn to surf on these waves of thoughts by being more mindful.

Being mindful is about being present in the present moment. Mindfulness is all about your presence and your ability to control your mind in the present moment. You can respond to the moment instead of reacting to it.

Is everything real

Most of the thought that worry us, are mere thoughts. Thoughts come and go, but worrying thoughts are like a chain reaction and keep building on top of each other. We think of all the scenarios and things that can go wrong. This forms a false and scary reality in our mind. We start believing in that reality and start considering what if it really happens.

Stop living the future that didn’t happen

These thoughts and worries are a snapshot of the future. Our past has one possibility, one specific event which tells a story the way things actually happened. On the other hand, the future has assumptions and stories that are shaped by our past and our fears. The future only happens when it becomes the present.

While looking forward to the future gives us hope, worrying about the future takes the hope away. Instead of hoping we worry about the things that can go wrong. While thinking and getting mentally prepared for the worst cast scenarios is helpful, but overthinking and worrying about it makes it harmful. You are not only loosing the hope for a better future, you are also loosing your present moment. When you look back you will not be grateful for the things that happened as you were not living the moment for the future that might not even happen.

Express yourself

If you are worrying too much about something it is a good idea to let it out by expressing it. You can express it by talking to someone who would understand the context of your worry or by writing it down. If you find it difficult to express it, the best option is to write it down. You can use a piece of paper or your computer or your phone. Even if you are not sure what to write, just start writing and as you start writing the emotions will flow. Once you have written enough that the worry starts making sense, read it. Reading it will give you the context of your mind and you will be able to identify what was bothering you.

Future is just in our mind. You can’t make a cat understand the concept of tomorrow. We as humans have this ability to build this concept of the future. So why not use it to hope for the best, a better tomorrow.

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